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Who We Are?


Certified EAL Practitioner

My name is Erin Bush, and I am the founder and owner of Equine Revelation LLC. I have been training horses, providing lessons and running a boarding facility professionally for 17 years. I am a certified EAL (equine assisted learning) practitioner with a passion to help people reach their full potential with the guidance from the horse. Over the years I have been an instructor at an institution for those with intellectual disabilities and behavioral health struggles, an Activities Director at a skilled nursing center, a site leader for various group projects and a ski instructor for children, adults and Special Olympics. A lifetime of teaching has not only given me the pleasure of helping others, but the opportunity to learn so much about myself and my purpose.  

We have a small ranch in Northwestern PA that is not only my passion, but a way of life for myself and my family.  My work with the horses, clients and EAL continuously inspires me to grow and share these experiences with others to help them discover their authentic self.  Life's journey, no matter where we have been, makes us who we are today, who we can become tomorrow and cycles forever; only we ourselves can make that choice. 

I have a small group of co-facilitators to work with coming from various backgrounds such as life coaches, educators, therapists and counselors;  as well as a diverse personality herd of horses.  Come schedule your session today!

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