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Why Horses?

Horses are much like us; they live in social communities, they require leadership, and they look out for their collective and individual welfare.  But unlike us, they do not operate through a cultural influence and therefore respond with complete honesty.  Since horses are a prey animal, they live in the present moment; honing in on sensitivity, alertness and survival skills.  They are non-verbal experts and provide us with immediate, honest feedback to our behaviors, approach, energy and emotions; much like a mirror.  "How we do one thing in life, is how we do most things."  The feedback we receive from the horse creates a self awareness giving us opportunity to act in more successful and productive ways in all aspects of life.  A horse has no perceived judgments or rejection.  This allows us to grow in our personal, educational, and professional life with more effective communication.







Don't wait! Come reach your greatest potential through self-discovery! 

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