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Each program or session is tailored to every individual or group needs.  The structured, goal based equine activities are designed to create greater levels of emotional, social, and physical awareness to connect to your authentic self.  During the activities, a facilitator will guide the experiential learning process, along with the horse's response. Upon completion of each exercise we will break down the experience together and generalize the information by relating the horse experience to our typically practiced life skills used in every day situations.  The goal is to use what has been learned through experience to apply to other areas of life.  

Who Could Benefit?

EVERYONE!  ​Individuals, children, families, couples, or groups looking to improve self- awareness, connection, trust, purpose, leadership, team building and effective communication.

Why would I participate?

~Personal Growth~

~Effective Communication~

~Leadership and Team Building~

~Increasing Confidence~

~Awareness and Boundaries~

~Healing Journey~

Call and Schedule your session today!


Individual 1 hour- $75

Individual 2 hour-$125

Private Family/Small Group 1.5 hour-$150

Private Family/Small Group 2.5 hour-$225

Call for 1-2 day customized workshop pricing and availability for individual, family or group sessions

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